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RED Epic on RC Helicopter for a Major TV Commercial

Aerial Video with RED Epic for a Major TV Commercial Here we are flying the RED Epic camera on our Octocopter over a 1000ft cliff into a valley for a TV commercial production. For this production we provided very dynamic flight movements and made full use of the 5K resolution […]

Video Production promoting a Golf Tourism Destination

In addition to simply capturing unique aerial shots for our clients, we are also asked to produce complete marketing videos. This is an example of a final video we produced to market a golf tourism destination in a fresh new way. The production really emphasizes the uniqueness and versatility of […]


“SOS” TV Commercial for Vancouver Aquarium

“SOS” The Fish need Help! Giant Ant Media produced this cool TV Commercial for the Vancouver Aquarium. They asked us to work with them to deliver aerial video that would simulate the somewhat shaky broadcast from a TV news helicopter. So on a bright sunny day we flew our Octocopter […]

Creating the “Wow Factor” for Tourism with Aerial Video

We were asked to work on numerous jobs promoting the Tourism industry this year. Tourism marketing continually strives to “wow” the audience with stunning vistas, exciting activities and thrills that they can’t find anywhere else. So we took on the challenge to deliver shots that would really convey that in […]

Speed, Dirt, and Stunning Shots for TV

Once again we were asked to do aerial filming for the Canadian Rally Championship for TSN’s TV coverage. Filming rally racing can be very demanding. There’s a need to be constantly moving locations, dealing with rough conditions, and of course, timing our flights just right to capture the cars as […]

Skiing in Snow and Fire

Aerial Shots of Extreme Skiing in Fire and Snow Switchback Entertainment just released their latest episode of their Salmon Freeski TV series. Called “The Burn”, it is spectacular! They came up with such a unique concept – extreme skiers skiing down through fresh embers from a burning mountainside. The cinematography […]


RC Heli Filming for Discovery Channel

“RC Helicam on the “Highway Thru Hell” The producers of the popular Discovery Channel TV show “Highway Thru Hell” called us and asked if we could work with them. So our team spent some time in Hope, BC with the cast and crew of the show flying our RC helicam […]


The Hit TV Series Arrow

Aerial Filming for Warner Bros Hit TV Show “Arrow” Warner Bros’ TV Series “Arrow” is one of the hottest shows on TV at the moment. And they asked us to come out and do some aerial filming for them. We carefully balanced and calibrated our Octocopters, had our most experienced […]