Ford Commercial in Downtown Vancouver

Recently we joined a talented team of filmmakers in the production of an outstanding commercial for the new 2015 Ford Edge.

Filming with drones downtown in a large city like Vancouver requires very careful planning and coordination, not only with the production team, but also with the city itself. By working closely with the production

Fargo TV Series

Emmy Award Winning TV Series “Fargo”

In 2014 the producers of the TV series Fargo asked us to come out and film with them in Alberta. They were interested in not only our drone aerial filming skills but also our MoVI handheld camera gimbal.

With the story of the TV show unfolding in the remote and very cold town of Fargo, North Dakota, we too did our filming in cold, wintery conditions in Alberta.

Drone Filming for ABC's "Once Upon a Time"

Filming for ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

We were privileged to have recently worked with the highly talented cast and crew of ABC’s hit TV Series “Once Upon a Time”

For the opening shot of this episode we were asked to fly high above the tree line with a group of actors looking up at a kite.
Using our heavy-lift Octocopter Drone with the Freefly MoVI gimbal, we were shooting using


Flying the RED Epic for Sony Feature Film

RC Drone flying the RED Epic, Follow Focus and Paralinx for a Feature Film Recently we flew a RED Epic camera inside a church for a Sony produced feature film. The church was beautiful and it was certainly a unique experience to fly in it. But the shot did have […]


Labatt Blue Superbowl Commercial

MoVi Camera Gimbal proves itself on Labatt’s Superbowl Commercial This past December we worked with BrainFarm Cinema and Whistler Creek Productions to film 2 TV Commercials for Labatt’s Blue. The first commercial called “Undomesticated” aired as a Superbowl Commercial. For this production we were brought on to provide RC Helicam […]


Google and Art at Vancouver’s Waterfront

  Unnumbered Sparks – Art in Downtown Vancouver A stunning, revolutionary art exhibit by Janet Echelman is creating quite the buzz in Vancouver! Set up as part of the TED conference, this “sculpture” features an interactive light display created by Google, that allows regular viewers to essentially “paint” it with […]


Heli Video Pros Featured in Canadian Cinematographer Magazine

Helicam Platforms take off as Technology Improves We were recently interviewed for an article in the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) monthly magazine publication. The article focused on how aerial cinematography with RC Helicams is now becoming an increasingly popular tool for Directors, Cinematographers and the Film Industry in general. […]


Phantom Miro Camera on our RC Helicopter

Flying the Phantom Miro with Freeride Entertainment Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Cam Zink andĀ Logan PeatĀ are without question some of the best mountain bike athletes in the world. And when they’re performing for the cameras for an upcoming mountain bike movie, they really go big! We had the privilege of filming […]


Fox TV Series Pilot with Red Epic RC Helicam

RC Aerial Filming with Actors for a new FOX TV Pilot. We got a call this Spring from a FOX TV production to work with them on a new Pilot filming in the Vancouver area. They had heard of the exciting new possibilities that our RC Helicam technology offered and […]


Switchback Entertainment, Snowy Slopes and Olympic Gold Medalist

Aerial Filming with the Cinestar and the GH3 Camera Switchback Entertainment once again asked us to join them in the mountains. This time we filmed on Whistler-Blackcomb resort for a marketing video. And we were joined by several local athletes including Olympic Gold medalist Ashleigh McIvor. Our team’s dexterity in […]