Filming for ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

We were privileged to have recently worked with the highly talented cast and crew of ABC’s hit TV Series “Once Upon a Time”

For the opening shot of this episode we were asked to fly high above the tree line with a group of actors looking up at a kite.
Using our heavy-lift Octocopter Drone with the Freefly MoVI gimbal, we were shooting using the Black Magic 4K camera.
The flight maneuvers were somewhat complex, involving a fairly long flight trajectory with the need to hit a target end position.
Our skilled team executed beautifully using regular line-of-sight flying with spotters in place assisting the pilot.

Naturally safety was a key consideration during this filming sequence, and we work very carefully with the production crew to ensure the most rigorous safety protocols were in place.

The results look tremendous and it was really a pleasure working with the skilled professionals on this Production.