Higher Learning from up high!

Marketing a Major University using Aerial Cinematography

The University of Ottawa is one of Canada’s top centres of higher learning and is located in the heart of the nation’s beautiful capital city.

To help them market themselves as being in the centre of it all, they wanted to capture video from up high. They asked us to help them do that by having us produce short marketing videos incorporating both low-level and high-level aerial video and photos.

The team spent over 4 days in the wonderful city of Ottawa shooting the entire University of Ottawa campus and the surrounding city with our Canon 5D Mark III. With the need to capture both low-level aerial video and high-level video for this project, we did it all!

We went up in a full sized helicopter and we flew our RC Multirotor helicopter. We captured stunning aerial shots flying low over the Rideau Canal and rising up high to reveal the Parliament buildings in the background. We captured aerial photos as well as aerial video. We flew from a bridge and we flew from a golf cart!

And then we edited and produced the final marketing videos.

It was a big job, and we’re very pleased with the results!