Skiing in Snow and Fire

Aerial Shots of Extreme Skiing in Fire and Snow

Switchback Entertainment just released their latest episode of their Salmon Freeski TV series.

Called “The Burn”, it is spectacular! They came up with such a unique concept – extreme skiers skiing down through fresh embers from a burning mountainside. The cinematography and production is first class and we are proud to have contributed some of the aerial shots with our RC helicopter and camera.

Working on shoots like these can be very demanding. We need to be constantly moving locations, keeping up with the athletes, dealing with the elevation, and contending with deep snow. But our crew worked through it, and we got our RC heli-camera flying high over a burned forest capturing video of the skiers ripping their way down a surreal landscape. It’s so rewarding to see the results!

Thanks to the crew at Switchback Entertainment, and congratulations to them on an extremely creative, top quality video. Be sure to watch it!