“SOS” TV Commercial for Vancouver Aquarium

“SOS” The Fish need Help!

Giant Ant Media produced this cool TV Commercial for the Vancouver Aquarium.

They asked us to work with them to deliver aerial video that would simulate the somewhat shaky broadcast from a TV news helicopter.

So on a bright sunny day we flew our Octocopter up over the Vancouver waterfront to get them the shots they needed. We gave them a variety of different styles of aerial footage to choose from, including slow rises, slow descents, pans and horizontal dolly style shots. In order to allow their skilled CGI team to work with the shots they required that we ensure that there were some consistent points (like the shoreline) within our shots at all times. That allowed them to expertly add in the school of fish in post production. And they did a great job!

It was great fun working with Giant Ant, and we’re thrilled to see the results of our work in this great commercial they produced!